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Web Monitoring

Our teams will monitor and optimise your site to make sure its performance is constantly improved. We share your ambitions to provide visitors with a fluid, simple and intuitive navigation experience that responds to their needs.

Auditing and monitoring websites
Simulating and diagnosing end user experience in real time
Performing performance diagnostics
Compiling press kits and press reviews for your brand

Web design / development

Working together with you, our graphics team will produce a design that truly reflects the identity of your company or your brand. Our creations capture a modern, ergonomic and elegant feel that enrich the user experience. As part of this commitment to quality, our developers put all of their skills to use to make navigating your site fluid, speedy and comfortable.

Designing logos and graphic elements
Conceiving and creating site templates
Delivering sites within one month and assisting you with the handoff
Creating and delivering steady streams of quality content

Content marketing / SEO

Whether you require organic or sponsored indexing, our expert SEO/SEA/Display/Analytics consultants are on-hand to help. We regularly help major brands, institutions and SMEs define the best approach to meeting their indexing needs and targeting key audiences.

Understanding SEO needs and devising targeted strategies
Optimising your website’s technical and aesthetic performance and editorial standards
Calibrating and monitoring analytical tools
Directing SEO management and improvement

Digital Communication

Whether you represent a public institution, a major industry group, a trade body or an association, we are standing by to bring your message to the digital fore, representing your key interests and helping your messaging resonate in the online debate. Our objective: improve your reputation among key influencers and the major voices in your industry (be they analysts, journalists, opinion leaders or bloggers).

Crafting an editorial strategy that meets your needs
Drafting and disseminating top notch editorial material
Conducting press relations and defending your interests among decision makers
Conducting reputational SEO management

Community Management

We manage your brand, website, or company’s presence on the most important social networks and work continuously towards improving your online reputation, all while establishing enduring connections with your customers and key audiences.

Creating and managing social media accounts
Developing a cohesive online community
Improving community engagement (reach, interactions, and more)
Managing advertising on social networks

Our Values

Run, Maelstrom! Show us the meaning of haste

We take pride in working quickly and helping you meet even the tightest deadlines. We know your needs won’t wait, and we are ready to help you get there with room to spare. Don’t wait! Drop us a line to see how quickly your project can go from a simple idea to a full-fledged online experience.

If you want something done right… make sure Maelstrom’s doing it

We work as effectively and efficiently as we work quickly. As soon as you have called us in, we will make sure we are exactly on the same page. That way, you can be sure you will get exactly what you need. We take pride in our work and refuse to deliver anything but the best.

A faithful friend in the eye of the storm

We stand by our clients and value our relationship with you above all else. Your confidence is our bread and butter, and we will always place your needs first. When you find yourself in rough waters, we will be there to help.